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Will OSX run on Intel?

The internet is aflame with rumors that OSX is being ported to Intel platforms. OsOpinion and OsNews both have stories predicting that Steve Jobs will announce it at the upcoming WWDC. MacOS Rumors reported that reliable sources at 3 wintel manufacturers claim that Apple has talked to them about offering OSX as an option on their systems. Most of the fodder seems to come from this quote:

“This conference will be the most important event of the year for Mac OS X developer and marketers,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We’re planning for the biggest and best developer conference in Apple’s history.”

And of course this tantalizing tidbit from the Apple mailing lists about Darwin 1.0 compiling on Intel.

This has, of course, been done before. NeXT tried to storm the Intel gates before selling out. Rhapsody, NeXT's technology regurgitated by Apple, was beta'd on Intels. And then there were the clones. But, despite what Steve Jobs said about Apple being a `software company that makes great hardware', that's not where the money is. Apple certainly has leanings in this direction, after all it's Microsoft that rules the world, not IBM, but I don't think that it will happen that quickly. Apple's literature on OSX is rife with references to OpenSource, Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and of course Mach, the unix-like clone on which it is built. I think that Apple has smaller fish in it's immediate sights. It's going to try to gobble up all of the unix-clones by porting darwin, the Mach based core of OSX, to Intel, and maybe even releasing it as opensource. After all it's built mostly of opensource software anyways. Linux, BSD, and Unix et al run most of the internet and server market, but they are struggling with the desktop. Apple owns prime desktop realestate. Become your enemy, learn from it and then take their markets. Jobs has been reading his Sun Tzu again. He's seen where Microsoft is vulnerable and he wants to use it.

FreeBSD gearing up for world domination.

The various flavors of BSD unix power half of the big commercial sites on the net, including MS's Hotmail, but they still don't get any respect. They're a hell of a lot more stable and secure than Microsoft, and their mascot is cuter than Tux, so why isn't everone beating a path to their door? Berkeley Software Division Inc has decided to change all of that. Fresh from a cash infusion from Yahoo!, who's site it also powers, It's hired an PR agency to blanket the world with it's little daemon, and is looking to unify BSD code. BSDI and Walnut Creek announced that they will merge into BSD inc. The code bases of BSD/OS and FreeBSD will be merged and released primarily under the BSD license, with certain commercial drivers and components remaing under NSD and administered by BSD inc. They have also invited NetBSD and OpenBSD to contribute code.

Patents? We don't need no stinking patents!

So you thought that the 'one click' patent was crazy, well have a look at this. It seems that someone at McDonnell Douglas came up with an algorithm called windowing to deal with y2k issues. It goes something like this.

if a 2 digit date is less than 30 then consider it to be after 2000.

McDonnell Douglas hasn't stated how many thousands of dollars and work hours went into developing this technique, but the employee that holds the patent is threatening to sue companies that have used this algorithm for compensation.

Dammit, if only I hadn't thrown away all of C64 disks I'm sure that I could prove that I invented this.

What is Linux Mandrake?

OK so I decided to include this Linux Weekly News story because it's the distro that I use. I've been running 6.5 for about 6 months without any major hassles, and I quite like it.

Wow, here's another story on Mandrake, with a slightly different twist. This one is from Wide Open News, which is run by RedHat. Even so, it's not overly critical.

Why No LinuxExpo This Year ?

Here's an interesting little story by Donnie Barnes about the Linux expo, the hows the whys and more importantly the why not this year.

Corel will offer Photopaint 9 for Linux free

Mirroring its strategy with WordPerfect, Corel will offer the Linux version of its image editing software as a free download, the next stage in the company's strategy to keep from being squeezed out by Microsoft. The Linux version of Photo-Paint 9 will be available in early summer, the company said, and other software in the Corel Graphics Suite will ship in late summer. In addition, the company has begun beta testing its WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux suite, a $109 package that will include a word processor, personal database, spreadsheet, presentation program and copy of Corel's version of the Linux operating system itself.

Sketch-0.6.3 - is a vector drawing program for Unix.

Sketch is an interactive vector drawing program for Linux and other UNIX compatible systems. It is intended to be a flexible and powerful tool for illustrations, diagrams and other purposes. A somewhat unique (for a drawing program) feature of Sketch is that it is implemented almost completely in a very high-level, interpreted language, is powerful, object-oriented and yet easy to use.Python.

Quanta Plus is an HTML editor for the K Desktop Environment.

Currently this program can be very useful for quick web development, however it is still in the early stages of the over all objectives. Our objective is to product a complete web development environment! Look for active development with a focus on supporting professional level development. This means full HTML 4.0 support including cascading style sheets and lot's of time saving features. Also support is planned for Perl, Javascript and PHP. Quanta plus supports fast tag insertion and internal preview.You can navigate across documents using file tree or by clicking to links in preview window.

Mediascape is releasing Artstream 2.0 on Linux.

Artstream is a vector paint and page layout application which runs on IRIX. Here is a press release.

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